Sober Driver Program


Welcome to the NSW Sober Driver Program website​

​​The Sober Driver Program is a 20 hour group program that helps change the attitudes and behaviours of repeat and high risk drink drive offenders, reducing their likelihood of further offences.

Drink drive offenders may be directed to complete the program by a magistrate, a community corrections officer or by letter from Roads and Maritime Services.

There ar​e two organisations that deliver the Sober Driver Program in NSW:

  1. ​Community Corrections for an eligible drink drive offender who has a court order managed by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW); and 
  2. Managed Training Services (MTS) for an eligible drink drive offender who has an interlock exemption order and does not have a CSNSW order. ​

In NSW the Sober Driver Program is only available to convicted drink drive offenders who are subject to the supervision of Community Corrections or those who are subject to interlock exemption orders. ​​​​