​Before the Program

For more information on the referral process, costs and implications of non-attendance for the CSNSW Sober Driver Program.

For more information on the registration process, costs, financial assistance and refunds for the MTS Sober Driver Program.

Program Benefits

The Sober Driver Program was developed with the participant in mind. The activities and resources are designed in a way to be both engaging and interesting. Over 10,000 participants have completed the program and the feedback received has been very positive.

Research has shown that if you complete the Sober Driver Program, you are much less likely to commit another drink driving offence.

The Sober Driver Program will help you to:

  • understand the effects and costs of drink driving to yourself and others;
  • understand the events and decisions that led to your offence;
  • create and use strategies to avoid offending in the future; and
  • develop skills and positive attitudes for safe driving.

The Sober Driver Program has assiste​d many participants to reduce their risk of returning to the criminal justice system. ​​

Program Delivery

You will be informed of the location, date and time of your program by your Community Corrections officer or by MTS staff.

Once you know when and where your program will take place, make sure you plan on how you will get there and get home safely. 

If your program takes place over 3 full day sessions, plan to take a packed lunch. Coffee, water and tea will be available at the venue. Your clothing should be neat and comfortable.​

If you are unsure which Sober Driver Program you may be eligible for, see Program Participants​.​​​