​Before the Program 

CSNSW Sober Driver Program


If you meet the program eligibility criteria, the Court has the discretion to mandate that you undertake the Sober Driver Program as a condition of your:

  • good behaviour bond;
  • bail supervision;
  • community service order;
  • intensive corrections order; and
  • home detention order.

Alternatively, your supervising Community Corrections officer may direct you to attend the program.


Your supervising Community Corrections officer will allocate you to the next available Sober Driver Program in your area.


There is no cost to participants of the Sober Driver Program who are under the supervision of CSNSW, although you will need to organise your own transport and meals as required.


If you have been directed to attend the Sober Driver program by a magistrate or a community corrections officer, your attendance is compulsory. Sanctions may be imposed if you fail to attend. ​​​If you believe you have a valid excuse for failing to attend, you must inform your community corrections officer at the earliest opportunity. They will decide whether you are referred to the next available program or if your matter will be returned to the court.