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Program Participants

CSNSW Sober Driver Program​



You are eligible for the Sober Driver Program as delivered by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) if you have a current court based order with Community Corrections (such as good behaviour bond with a supervision condition or a community service order with a program component)​​ and have been convicted of two or more drink drive offences within five years.

You may be eligible for the program if you have been convicted of a single serious drink drive offence or two or more drink drive offences within ten years, subject to an assessment by Community Corrections.

If you are being assessed for entry to the Sober Driver Program by a community corrections officer they consider whether you meet the criteria of one of the following categories:

1 - Repeat drink driving offences in less than 5 years

If you have been convicted of two or more drink driving offences within five years and are on an order with Community Corrections that has a supervision or program component, you are eligible for the Sober Driver Program.

2 - High risk drink driving behavour and other factors

If you have been convicted of:

  • a single serious drink driving offence e.g. HRPCA, DUI /Alcohol and Fail/Refuse Breath Testor 

  • a repeat drink driving offence after more than five years and less than ten years from your last offence;

you may be eligible if the Community Corrections officer assesses that you meet at least one additional risk criteria.​

Referral Pathways

If you are eligible for the Sober Driver Program as delivered by CSNSW, the Court has the discretion to mandate that you undertake the Sober Driver Program as a specific condition of:

  • Good behaviour bond

  • Bail supervision

  • Community service order (20 program hrs. required)

  • Intensive corrections order

Alternatively, if you are under the supervision of CSNSW you may be directed to attend by your supervising officer.

​Correctional Centres

As there is limited availability of the program in correctional centres, if you are given a prison sentence, you may be directed to complete the program while subject to parole supervision.


Before entry to the Sober Driver Program, a community corrections officer will interview you to assess any barriers to participation, and work with you to overcome these where possible. ​

Barriers such as childcare responsibilities, transport availability and employment/study commitments can often be solved through open discussion between you and the community corrections officer.​

If you fail to attend the program after being directed to do so, your matter may be returned to the magistrate for consideration.