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The Sober Driver Program was created to target recidivist offenders, those assessed to be at higher risk of future recidivism. These offenders are proven less receptive to generalised education programs, public safety campaigns and police enforcement strategies (Trimboli and Smith, 2009).

​The Sober Driver Program has proven to be a highly successful intervention for repeat drink drive offenders. In 2015, eligibility was broadened to include the additional category of serious drink drive offender. Independent evaluations (ARTD 2007 & 2010) and internal CSNSW data have consistently demonstrated a 40 – 50% reduction in drink drive convictions for those who complete the Sober Driver Program when compared to a matched group. The program also maintains an 82% completion rate and data indicates that the completion of the program may reduce offending in other offence categories.​​​

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